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Our Standard four page Web sites for small businesses are eyecatching, professional and effective. Every style is designed to be both visitor-friendly and search engine friendly. Hosted on a fast, reliable server to provide your visitors with quick page delivery.

Each of the sample styles in our gallery serves as a starting point for your own personalised web site. We will customize the colour scheme and graphics to meet your needs. You provide us with the basic text and we turn it into your unique web site.

Start Small and Grow

Our standard website gives you a reliable, professional looking presence on the Internet. First impressions are important, so make sure your web site reflects your own image. Start today with just a few pages and add more as your business grows.

Below are some of our site samples which we customize to your own colour scheme and business needs.

  1. Pick the style you like
  2. Decide on how many pages you would like and what colours
  3. Tell us about your business - we build your web site for you

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